Feed My Sheep – Pastors & Leaders Conference May 10, 2018

Feed My Sheep - Pastors And Leaders Conference

Feed my Sheep Pastors and Leaders conference @ Light of the city Church, Magalang Pampanga, May 10, 2018

Pastors and Leaders from various churches gathered together all day to receive the word of the Lord titled “Feed my sheep- John 21:15-19

Reverend Darlene preached passionately on many of the issues affecting the building of and progress of the body of Christ in Pampanga .

Part 1

Several issues were identified in hindering the growth of Pastors and leaders such as divisions, competition, jealousy and envy. At times pastors compare the size of ther church to other churches and falls into the temptation of criticising and judging other churches. Many pastors have failed to be one another’s keeper and has rather rejoiced at the down fall of their fellow pastors.

Reverend Darlene empasized that unity and working in harmony and one accord must be stirred up within the Body of Christ and in this end times , everbody must rise up and focus and follow God.


Part 2

Pastors need to rely on the grace of God rather than using their own strength and human decisions in building the Church.

Pastors many times can be overwhelmed and get so busy with church activities and neglect their personal relationship with God. They become activities oriented and often forget the most important which is spending time and talking to God.

Reverend Darlene encouraged the pastors to be more Christ oriented and dwell in His secret place in order to see the power and manifestation of God’s glory in their life and ministry.

Reverend Darlene prayed for the pastors and leaders to receive a deeper hunger for Jesus, zeal, passion and love for Christ and for souls. She encouraged them not to give up in ministry, no matter the challenges they experience because God is with them and He will help them. The faithful God who has called them will also do all that concerns them and the ministry.

The presence of God was awesome. The Pastors received prophetic teaching and word. Many young Pastors and leaders present who have great potential to become leaders of leaders were greatly encouraged.

A pastors retreat was recommended by Reverend Darlene so she can continue and spend more time in teaching and equipping the pastors.


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