Healing, Miracles and Deliverance May 9, 2018

Healing, Miracles and Deliverance May 9, 2018

The glory of God filled the crusade grounds at Candaba. The various pastors from the different churches received an impartation of the Spirit and power of God to do greater works of Jesus.

Many people where healed and delivered during the crusade. The testimonies shared included healing from severe back pain, spinal cord, kidney problem, paralysis ect.

Part 1

The people’s faith was stirred up when Rev. Darlene preached on the biblical account of Acts chapter 3, John chapters 5 & 9. Many people responded to the call to salvation and gave their life to Jesus.

After the service there was a mighty move of the Holy Spirit with many people continuously singing, dancing and rejoicing.

Part 2

The senior pastor, Pastor Roberto’s father was deeply touched and revived by the Spirit as he shared his testimony that during the prayers and prophetic declarations by Rev Darlene on his life, he received a restoration of his spiritual gift of seeing visions.

Praise Jesus Candaba will never be the same again.

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