Bi-Annual Prayer Summit for all Nations

Welcome to Darlene Erbynn Ministries

In these last days the Lord is uniting his people in prayer in order to fulfil His end time destiny for the world. All around the nations you see many people are hurting, bound in chains of despair, fear, lost and facing eternity without God. As God’s people you are not bound by fear, pressure from the world, circumstances, the enemy, economy, and media. Your position is not a place of fear, anxiety, but God created you to become kings and priests. He purposed for you to share in Christ’s authority and power to rule, and reign on earth through prayer. Beloved, God has delegated dominion of the earth to you and is inviting you today to be his partners in prayer. God is calling you to maturity in prayer, to become Kingdom oriented whereby you tune in to his agenda and his plan for the nations and so you will become his trained allies in extending his kingdom on earth. God wants to teach you how to subdue kingdoms and drive the adversary out of the nations. Every year, the Lord brings his intercessors together for prayer to lay hold upon the throne of God in intense, persevering, continuous believing prayer. Now is the time and season for all of God’s people to pray, repent from their wicked ways and that of the nations, and to seek his face. In Joel 2:17, there is a cry and a call for the priests, the ministers of the Lord, to weep between the porch and the altar for God to spare the people. As we unite in prayer, God will release his mercy and the power of the Holy Spirit will be released against the ungodly, wicked forces and spiritual darkness of this world to bring salvation, healing, deliverance, a harvest of souls and many other victories in Jesus’ name. Beloved whenever the nations need a breakthrough from God we are the house of prayer, the house of intervention for all people and nations. I believe that at these prayer summits, God will release within you and upon you a fresh, powerful prayer anointing and a new vision for the need to unite in prayer that will impact our community and the nations. At this strategic hour Jesus will use us to restore the body of Christ to be His ‘house of prayer for all nations’.


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