May’s Ministry Letter from Rev Darlene

Dearest Partners in prayer,

We thank God for answering all of our prayers concerning the 12th Bi-annual No Limits prayer summit for All nations, on Saturday 24.4.2021. Indeed we saw and experienced the power and glory of God, and our lives and ministry will never be the same again.

In this fifth month of the year, we spend time going through what we received from the prayer summit, reflecting on what we have received and really meditating on everything the Lord has told us.  When the Lord speaks, our reasonable response is to reflect on His word in light of our own lives and take steps with the help of the Holy Spirit to align ourselves with His perfect will and purpose, allowing the word to have a true and lasting effect on us.


Spend time time praying that the word and prophecies that we received will manifest and bring forth a hundredfold increase in our lives and nations.


Spend time praying that all of us, will Arise and operate in the Spirit and power of Elijah (spirit of repentance, turning mankind away from idols, sin, evil, & wickedness back to God, His truth, & His word. We will operate with the same and greater power, authority, fire 🔥 which was on Elijah, Prophetic intercession etc.  Especially in our ministry of prayer, just like Elijah we will make ourselves available as the house/temple/people of prayer/intervention for all nations.


Let’s pray that like Elijah we will have breakthroughs and see great miraculous signs, wonders and results through our prayers for the church and nations. Reflecting and praying on the following scriptures: James 5:17-18; 1 Kings 17:1, 18:17-46; 2 Kings 2:9-14; Mal. 4:5-6.